IADD Xchange Programs
The IADD Xchange Programs offer highly targeted technical solutions.
Getting quality technical answers can be tough. IADD Xchange programs provide an opportunity to get your converting problems solved by a panel of industry experts.

These incredible one- or two-day programs focus on highly targeted technical solutions to your specific diecutting challenges. Attendees can even submit their own questions in advance to Xchange@iadd.org and receive an in-depth answer during the program.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR 2020: The health and safety of our members is of utmost importance to IADD. Due to restrictions on travel and in-person meetings, the 2020 Folding Carton Xchange will be held in conjunction with the 2020 IADD Annual Meeting, all of which will be presented online. Save these dates: Every Tuesday beginning September 29 through October 27.

The IADD Annual Meeting & Folding Carton Xchange is open to diemakers, diecutters and convertors worldwide. Our business and technical content will be useful for owners, managers, salespeople, press operators and technicians.

2020 IADD Annual Meeting & Folding Carton Xchange - Online
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